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Human Centric Technology

Solutions for the satisfaction and productivity of all users, even in smart working. We manage your workstations with preventive operations, automation and advanced control tools managed by a team of specialists.

What’s the Managed Workplace Service by Elmec?

An important business challenge is to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing complexity.

Postazioni di lavoro con servizi gestiti Elmec Informatica

We manage the entire life cycle of the workstation and this differentiates us from simple reactive technical support. Elmec's Managed Workplace service mitigates problems through preventative operations by means of automation and control tools managed by a team of specialists.

Premium Technology

We select only the best business devices from our partners HP, Lenovo and Apple to ensure the highest standards of service.


We support you in the patching process management and in the automatic updating of all business applications.

Help Desk Unlimited 24/7

A hybrid first-level support solution between remote service and on-site service (Desk Site Support), active 24/7 in 7 languages.

Embedded Security

Thanks to the Managed Backup Client service, we guarantee you always saved and available data in case of restore, loss or breakdown.

International Advanced Logistics

We have cut device replacement recovery times by 80% compared to traditional IT suppliers with fast turnaround times guaranteed even abroad.


Manage tickets and real-time monitoring of your fleet, all installed equipment and safety of your devices from the MyElmec App.

Workplace automation

Manage patches, updates and software licenses from just one dashboard.

90% of cyber-attacks come from human error. That's why we offer you systems for automatic distribution of patches and updates and for proactive monitoring of your workstations And with Elmec Managed Services you have access to your fleet information from every device thanks to a dashboard developed internally and customized on your operating experience.

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Managed Services

Compliance and safety for the workplace

Digital tools (PC, Smartphone, Tablet and accessories/peripherals) allow the perfect contamination between people, technologies and the company's organization. Here are some of Elmec's solutions to improve user experience and productivity, while maintaining safety and compliance standards.

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Managed Print Services

More than 10thousand printers managed all over the world

With Elmec Managed Print Services, you have a managed solution to optimize all your printing processes in a secure and energy-saving way.

  • Dashboard for consumption and device control

  • Automatic Provisioning

  • On-site and remote support 24/7

Asset Management Software

Your company's software ecosystem in one click

The Managed Licensing Services offer a solution for the global management of IT assets, combining a customized advisory service with the use of advanced tools for the monitoring of installed software.

  • Risk reduction during audits

  • Save on software licenses (even in the cloud!)

  • Increase productivity

Software Asset management Elmec Informatica
Device Management Elmec Informatica

Mobile Device Management

Enable devices and mobile users

Programme all devices quickly and securely, manage App provisioning and user profiling policies, run applications and wiping remotely. Now it's easier.

  • Web security and navigation control

  • Automatic configuration and setup

  • Remote content deployment

Proactive management of your workstations with Elmec M-Box

Get better performances, stability and maximum security for your systems and all your company's devices.

With the M-Box formula (managed box) will access a series of advanced tools for the global management of your workstations.

Operation Planning

Such as Hardware Inventory, Patch Management, Software Distribution and Software Update.

Predictive management

of hardware and software problems through machine monitoring.

Automation is the word

Monitoraggio dei servizi gestiti con Elmec Informatica

We support you in the management of tested and certified patching processes. We keep applications always aligned thanks to software distribution. We measure the use of software to release resources where they are not used effectively, optimizing your investments. We check the compliance of licensing contracts by mitigating the risk of economic impacts in the event of audits. We guarantee real-time visibility of your entire fleet of machines. Thanks to the Managed Backup Client Service, we ensure that your data will always be saved and available in case of restoration, loss or breakdown.