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The best skills for your cloud services

We support the services and infrastructures operating on public clouds by providing you with the technical expertise and round-the-clock monitoring of our specialized technicians.

Amazon Web Services

The AWS cloud platform for agile access to IT resources. With Elmec you can activate AWS services with the advice of certified technicians for scalable services always at your fingertips.

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Microsoft Azure

Entrust the infrastructure of your Microsoft Azure cloud services to the supervision of our specialized technicians, with round-the-clock monitoring and the ability to integrate all your services with Elmec.

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The ideal environment for software developers in Elmec data centers. Discover the IaaS solution that takes advantage of all the platform's benefits to ensure maximum flexibility.

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Why Elmec as your partner for the public cloud

Public Cloud Services Elmec informatica
  • Empower your IT

    Choose dynamic and modular services with scalable resources according to your projects.
  • Innovate

    Leverage the power of the public cloud for technologies such as augmented reality, IoT, and artificial intelligence.
  • Pay-as-you-grow

    Optimize costs and licenses in the cloud with our consultants and pay only for what you consume.