Device as a Services Elmec informatica


The performance and safety of an all-in-one device business

Steer your workstations with a single dashboard to manage your digital assets from maintenance and protection to backup.

Device as a Services Elmec informatica


The performance and safety of an all-in-one device business

Steer your workstations with a single dashboard to manage your digital assets from maintenance and protection to backup.

Device-as-a-Service: the evolution of workstations

With the Elmec’s Device as a Service you can manage all your IT assets with a single dashboard. Protect your devices and business data with advanced encryption and advanced threat protection systems and, in case of failure or loss of the device, receive a ready-to-use device with your files and configurations in just a few hours.

DaaS: how does it work?

Business-class devices and Elmec service reliability with a single fee

  • Rental business-class device
  • Asset management
  • MyElmec Portal (Mobile & Web)
  • Hardware support and operating system
  • Only one fee from 50 euro/month

Device-as-a-Service: l’evoluzione delle postazioni di lavoro

IT Asset Management con un'unica dashboard
IT Asset Management

Manage your IT assets with a single dashboard

Browse all the strategic information on your devices such as the status of patches, antivirus and software installed by the myElmec portal and mobile app, and provide real-time reports and updates on the use and health status of your devices.

  • Governance of all IT assets distributed to users
  • Use of applications analysis
  • Consultancy and optimization of software licenses also for audit purposes
  • Tickets management

Embedded Security

Protect your digital assets from malware and ransomware

With advanced disk encryption and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) we identify anomalous application behaviours caused by malware and ransomware to block "zero day" attacks ".

  • Antivirus with the latest generation engine
  • Advanced Threat Protection: advanced Malware detection, Ransomware protection
  • Advanced Encryption
  • Remediation: LOG analysis for correlation at the Elmec Security Operation Centre and troubleshooting of recurring problems
  • Advisory: notifications of possible threats from phishing, bot and ransomware emails
Proteggi gli asset digitali da malware e ransomware con sistemi di Embedded Security

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Advanced backup and Elmec’s Hyper Warranty

In case of failure you will have a device like yours with your files and configurations immediately available

With the backup and self-restore service, your data will always be safe and available. And with the Hyper Warranty you get a device with the same configuration and all your data in 24 hours (Italy). How does it work?

  • Make your first backup in LAN mode
  • Retrieve data from the latest valid version of Backup OTA (Over-The-Air) minimizing bandwidth consumption
  • Receive a new device with all your data and configurations

Choose the notebook for each and every user

We are a leading partner to HP, Lenovo, Microsoft and Apple for business devices. This allows us to offer a higher level of support and maintenance than a simple reseller. Below are some of the models we offer.

Surface Pro 6 Microsoft
  • Lightness
  • Performance
  • Versatility
HP EliteBook X360
  • Lightness
  • Battery Work Time
  • Versatility
MacBook Pro
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Applications
Lenovo X1 Carbon
  • Versatility
  • Performance
  • Design
An extended team to support users

Today even closer with the EL.S.A. application and the-end user portal

ELmec Support Assistant (EL.S.A.) is an un agent installed on your devices fully developed by Elmec that allows you to send alerts and push notifications to your users and receive real-time information on the status of the devices. Thanks to EL.S.A and the End-User Portal your users can book the supportive telephone intervention at the time they prefer.

Il supporto agli utenti è sempre più smart con Elmec Support Assistant (EL.S.A.) e con l'End User Portal

Manage the entire lifecycle of your business devices

Entrust the entire life cycle of your devices to a single partner, able to follow you from technology selection to configuration, from user support to maintenance with tools that enhance the updates, security and compliance of each individual device.

Managed WorkPlace Service Elmec Informatica

Premium Technology

We only select the best business devices from our partners in order to guarantee the highest standards of service.


Custom image creation with applications, configuration and installation of the new machine, data migration and trade-in.


Hybrid first-level support between remote service and active on-site service 24/7 in 7 languages.

Advanced Support

Hyper Warranty and Super Warranty: all-inclusive maintenance, hardware fault coverage, troubleshooting and new pc or replacement equipment.

Flexibility to scale

Possibility to complete and upgrade your rental contract at any time with a single monthly fee.

Data & device security

Backup, disk encryption, advanced threat protection, potential threat analysis and remote remediation.

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