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Responsibility. Simplicity. Trust.

Elmec Impact

Our mission, to be simply reliable for customers, the community, and employees, goes hand in hand with our commitment to managing the company in a sustainable manner through an ESG strategy aligned with global goals and capable of expressing our inclinations and uniqueness.

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Responsibility. Simplicity. Trust.

Elmec Impact

Our mission - to be simply reliable for our clients, employees and community – is combined with our commitment to a sustainable management of our business through a sustainability strategy in line with global goals and expressing our inclinations and peculiarities.

Want to read our Sustainability Report?

Elmec Sustainability Strategy

How we prioritize our work

How we prioritize our work Elmec's sustainability strategy is based on key steps, including stakeholder engagement, definition of material topics, materiality analysis, policy development, and monitoring of performance through qualitative and quantitative indicators. Additionally, we have developed a sustainability plan and published our balance sheet.

At Elmec, we regularly assess the environmental and social issues relevant to our business to establish priorities and operate sustainably in the future.

Our social responsibility strategy is built on caring for employees, fostering relationships with the community and institutions. These factors are essential for a robust and sustainability-oriented strategy.

Engaging stakeholders to understand their expectations.

Definition of material sustainability topics and materiality analysis.

Development of policies and monitoring of quantitative and qualitative KPIs.

Development of the sustainability plan and publication of the sustainability report.

Would you like to learn more about Elmec Impact?

Elmec Impact is our Sustainability Report prepared in accordance with GRI criteria. This document represents our management of ESG issues. Within the context of Elmec Impact, we address sustainability challenges and opportunities in a holistic and integrated manner. The management of ESG issues permeates all areas of the company and actively involves all our employees, who contribute with their commitment and collaboration.

Relevant environmental topics for Elmec


Over 50 years of being mindful of our impact.
Elmec was born in 1971 as a company quite different from what it is today, but already committed to envisioning sustainable development beyond mere economic growth. We strive to engage people in initiatives aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change, reducing waste, and promoting adaptation and offsetting. Our environmental priorities include:


It is important for Elmec Informatica to invest in sustainable technologies, such as the use of recyclable materials, energy efficiency of products, and the utilization of renewable energy sources. Additionally, Elmec reduces its own energy consumption by employing low-power technologies and implementing energy consumption monitoring and control systems.


The company monitors its greenhouse gas emissions and works towards reducing them. Moreover, it considers the effects of climate change on its operations, for instance, by reducing plastic usage and supporting initiatives that promote environmental sustainability.


Elmec Informatica implements circular economy models based on rethinking the life cycle of products and their refurbishment and reintegration into the market. Waste management is also included in the circular economy approach. The company properly manages its waste through practices like recycling and proper waste separation.

Buytec: The experts in refurbishment

Buytec is a subsidiary of the Elmec group dedicated to circular economy projects. The company has developed solid expertise in refurbishing and distributing technology sourced from the business sector to the B2C market.

Create the right context.


We are committed to providing a work environment where the physical and mental well-being of every employee is at the center. We promote work-life balance, continuous training for our resources, and encourage innovative ideas and the dissemination of a sustainable culture.

Impatto sociale per promuovere l'equibrio tra vita personale e professionale | Elmec Informatica

Simplicity and trust

These are the foundational values of all the services that Elmec offers to its employees. Simplicity because our initiatives are practical, easily accessible, and available at any time. Trust because, in most cases, employee initiatives are self-service and involve autonomous payment, free from controls. The value of all these initiatives lies not only in fostering work-life balance but above all in nurturing a culture of trust and mutual respect.


Zero waste company restaurant

The company restaurant embodies our concept of smart working: experiencing Elmec locations as a place of work, social interaction, and well-being. It is a multifunctional space based on the concept of "zero waste," sourcing low-impact raw materials whenever possible, preferably from the surrounding areas. The menu offered to employees is inspired by a healthy and balanced diet, accommodating different tastes and possible food intolerances. The company also provides a nutritionist for personalized consultations.

Volontariato d'impresa

Eco-friendly bulk cleaning products

For our employees, we have introduced self-service dispensers for eco-friendly cleaning products. Each employee can visit the dispensers, pay, and take the detergents independently. The value of this project not only lies in offering a service at the workplace but also contributes to our goal of eliminating plastic and spreading a culture of mutual trust within the company.


Company gym

Elmec's company gym is equipped with Technogym equipment, a leading fitness industry brand, and offers a wide range of machines for strength training, cardiovascular workouts, and toning. Additionally, the gym is open to all employees free of charge and offers flexible hours, allowing everyone to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Volontariato d'impresa

Emporio Elmec4You

In one of our locations, we have created Emporio Elmec4You, a real shop where employees can purchase seasonal and local products at discounted prices. This shop gathers products from nearby companies or from entities that have shared a part of our fifty-year history.

Did you know we love sports?

At Elmec, a community of sports enthusiasts called Elmec4Sport has emerged. This group of volunteers has brought together over 100 colleagues to participate in the Nice-Cannes Marathon 2022. These and many other stories are featured in Elmec Impact.

Sustainability management system


Having a sustainability governance in place means adopting a management system that integrates environmental, social, and governance issues into strategic and operational decisions. This approach involves defining policies, processes, and reporting mechanisms that promote corporate responsibility and transparency towards stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement

Elmec actively commits to engaging and dialoguing with all its stakeholders, including customers, employees, local communities, and investors, to understand their sustainability expectations and interests.

Material topics

Identifying and assessing material topics, those that have a significant impact on the company's performance and reputation, is a fundamental aspect for Elmec. This analysis allows the company to focus on the issues that matter most to the organization and its stakeholders.

Materiality matrix

Elmec utilizes a materiality matrix to visualize and prioritize sustainability-relevant topics. This tool helps identify key areas for intervention and allocate the necessary resources to effectively address these issues.

Policy framework

Elmec has implemented a set of policies and procedures that guide business activities in line with sustainability objectives. These policies cover a wide range of areas, such as environmental management, employee health and safety, anti-corruption efforts, and much more.

Sustainability plan

Elmec has developed a detailed sustainability plan that defines specific objectives and necessary actions to achieve greater sustainability. This plan provides a clear and measurable roadmap for implementing initiatives and projects that contribute to corporate sustainability.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Elmec is committed to contributing to the achievement of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs serve as a guide to direct Elmec's efforts towards sustainable growth, addressing global challenges such as poverty, gender equality, clean energy, and many other areas relevant to sustainability.

Sustainability governance within the report

Learn more about our corporate governance by reading our comprehensive Sustainability Report. You will find detailed information about our sustainable practices and our commitment to a responsible future.

Elmec Impact:

Collaborating for a Sustainable Future

Elmec, together with its technology partners, believes in the power of collaboration to create a sustainable future. This section provides a wide range of content created in collaboration with the company's technology partners. It includes innovative solutions, interviews with industry experts, and success stories of companies that have embraced sustainable solutions. Through these contents, awareness is raised about the importance of sustainability and provides an example of how businesses can drive positive change.

IDC White Paper

Elmec and Pure Storage for A Sustainable and Performing Data Centre

A white paper by IDC to investigate the sustainable and efficient development of Italian data centres


Conscious Innovation

Our journey to sustainability with HPE

In this #VerdeComeElmec article, written with HPE, we will explain the values we share together.


Green workplace

Our low-impact device research with Apple

In this #VerdeComeElmec article, we will explain our sustainable workplace offer with Apple products and our DaaS.


Green cloud migration

Elmec and AWS for A Sustainable Infrastructure

Thinking about cloud migration? Learn about #VerdeComeElmec, the sustainable digital revolution with Elmec and AWS.


Green data center

Fully working with renewable energy

Our data centre has reached a 1.15% PUE; the global average is about 1.8%.


The Green IT Approach

Is a sustainable digital transformation possible?

In this article, we will explore our approach for a green computing project.


Did you know that our data center
is Tier IV certified?

Since 2021, moreover, our green data center is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Monitor and Improve


Transparency towards stakeholders for 50 years
Management systems based on environmental norms and standards for certifications are tools available to companies to assess and certify their commitment to environmental sustainability.


HP Amplify Impact is a program dedicated to partners with the goal of collaborating to promote significant change in alignment with HP's Sustainable Impact pillars: Planet, People, Community.

Elmec has achieved the Changemaker certification, which represents the highest level on the evaluation scale.


EcoVadis manages the first collaborative platform that allows companies to monitor the sustainability performance of their suppliers in 200 sectors and 160 countries. The EcoVadis solution has already been selected by leading global corporations to assess their global supplier database in over 95 countries. Elmec has achieved the SILVER certification.


The Future Index Respect is a ranking compiled by Consumer Lab that includes companies that have effectively communicated their sustainable actions in a clear and engaging manner to consumers through sustainability reports. In 2021, Elmec ranked 44th among all reports published by Italian companies.

We feel the responsibility to contribute to the sustainability of the IT sector

At Elmec, we consider ourselves pioneers in the journey where digital transformation goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability.