CSR Sustainability Report 2020 Elmec Informatica

Responsibility. Simplicity. Trust.

Elmec Impact

Our mission - to be simply reliable for our clients, employees and community – is combined with our commitment to a sustainable management of our business through a sustainability strategy in line with global goals and expressing our inclinations and peculiarities.

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CSR Rapporto di sostenibilità Elmec Informatica

Responsibility. Simplicity. Trust.

Elmec Impact

Our mission - to be simply reliable for our clients, employees and community – is combined with our commitment to a sustainable management of our business through a sustainability strategy in line with global goals and expressing our inclinations and peculiarities.

Want to read our Sustainability Report?

Our Sustainability Strategy

How Do We Give Priorities to Our Work?

At Elmec, our approach to sustainability is based on scientific data and value, and focused on our clients, our community and employees.

We make audits on a regular basis to understand the most significant environmental and social aspects for our business to give priorities to our work for a sustainable future.

The way we deliver our services, the way we treat our employees, and the relationship with our community and institutions are key factors for us to build a social responsibility strategy.

Some of the sustainability topics to which we give high priority are:

Climate change, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

An equal and inclusive workplace that favours work-life balance.

Delivering our services putting sustainability at the heart of our decision-making process.

Giving back value to our community through passion and skills

Want to Know More About Elmec Impact?

Elmec Impact is a document divided into three different impact areas (COMMUNITY, EMPLOYEES, MARKETPLACE) which intertwine with the various initiatives which, heterogeneously and with the active cooperation of all employees, characterize our business.



#SimplyReliable for 50 years
Our community initiatives are related to social integration, cultural and sporting events, donations, sponsorships, free services and facilities, volunteering, support to local entities, and relationships with charities and public entities.


It is estimated that about 90% of the food we eat is influenced by the bee pollination; bees’ life is constantly in danger due to climate change and pollution. At Elmec, we have decided to contribute to preserving biodiversity by putting, in front of our green data centre, three beehives.


Through the Mile Zero project, we are monitoring how much CO2 we are being able to save with remote working and videoconferencing. On our Intranet, employees can add, on a daily basis, the kilometers they have been able to save on that day. In 2021, we saved over 1,000,000 km, eliminating 146,183 kg of CO2.


At Elmec, there is an Information Technology museum that tells the story of half a century of digital evolution. To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we have decided to renovate it with an audio guide narrated by our technical team. We have created it to share with our visitors an important part of IT history in which we have played a leading role.


We have developed a solution that allows children, who are forced to stay either at the hospital or home for long, to connect to their own classroom’s livestream using a tablet and EOLO connection; a robot is present in the classroom on the child’s behalf. Over time, Ivo has become a real opportunity for local schools and institutions.


We donated the IT equipment to support vaccinations’ operational management. Then we installed a redundant LAN that helped communication between the two pavilions, and ensured service continuity, and provided the hub with Wi-Fi connection devices. We also donated other logistic and staging material.


Almost 20,000 km run by our employees to support the development of the Magic Room at Fondazione Piatti’s autistic centre in Varese; we donated for each kilometer run, and this is the result of the 50x50 challenge in favour of autistic children of whom Fondazione Piatti takes care. This initiative allowed us to raise and donate over €10,000.

1,331,715 km

saved in 2021 thanks to remote working and videoconferencing.Want to know how far we’ve gone?

Making The Right Context


For 50 years, we’ve been growing up with our employees
We are committed to ensuring a work environment where all employees can be physically and mentally healthy.
We help work-life balance, continuing training of our resources, and encourage innovative ideas and the promotion of a sustainable culture.

Social impact to promote personal and professional life balance | Elmec Informatica

Simplicity and Trust

These are the basic values for all the services we make available to our employees. Simplicity because they are practical, easy to enjoy, and available at any time; trust because in most cases employees use and pay for the products and services on their own with no one checking. All these initiatives are not just valuable because they help work-life balance, but also because they spread a culture of trust and mutual respect.


Zero-Waste Corporate Restaurant

Our restaurant perfectly reflects the way we interpret the idea of ‘smart working’, that is, considering our locations not just as work places, but also as social places, where employees feel good. It is a multifunctional room that, as well as ensuring high standards in terms of food offer, is also based on the ‘zero-waste’ principle, and the supply of low-impact and, where possible, local food commodities.
The menu we offer our employees is based on a healthy and balanced diet, considering the variety of tastes and any possible allergies.

Volontariato d'impresa

On-Tap Eco-Friendly Detergents

We have placed self-service, on-tap, eco-friendly detergent vending machines for our employees. Each employee can go to these machines, pick up and pay the detergent(s) they need on their own. The value of this project is not just to offer a service at our workplace, but it also contributes to our goal to eliminate plastic and spreading a culture of mutual trust at work.


Water House

Micro-filtered, sterile, and free water
In collaboration with Maghetti Distributori Automatici, we have created a water house for our employees. This project is one of the many corporate social responsibility initiatives to create a positive impact on our community.

Volontariato d'impresa


At one of our locations, we have created the Elmec4You emporium, a real shop where employees can purchase seasonal and local products at lowered prices. In this shop, they can find products from businesses either located close to Elmec or that have been shared a piece of our 50-year history.

Did You Know We Love Sports?

We founded Elmec4Sport, our sports community.
This group of volunteer sports enthusiasts led 60 colleagues to attend the 2021 Venice Marathon.
You can read about this and much more in Elmec Impact.

Simply Reliable


50 years of digital innovation
Making a positive impact on the marketplace means caring about the security of our clients’ data and their digital ecosystem and offering physical and virtual solutions that can meet high sustainability standards.

IDC White Paper

Elmec and Pure Storage for A Sustainable and Performing Data Centre

A white paper by IDC to investigate the sustainable and efficient development of Italian data centres


Conscious Innovation

Our journey to sustainability with HPE

In this #VerdeComeElmec article, written with HPE, we will explain the values we share together.


Green workplace

Our low-impact device research with Apple

In this #VerdeComeElmec article, we will explain our sustainable workplace offer with Apple products and our DaaS.


Green cloud migration

Elmec and AWS for A Sustainable Infrastructure

Thinking about cloud migration? Learn about #VerdeComeElmec, the sustainable digital revolution with Elmec and AWS.


Green data center

Fully working with renewable energy

Our data centre has reached a 1.15% PUE; the global average is about 1.8%.


The Green IT Approach

Is a sustainable digital transformation possible?

In this article, we will explore our approach for a green computing project.


Did You Know Our Data Centre
Is TIER IV Certified??

Furthermore, it has been working only with renewable energy since 2021.

Monitoring and Improving


For 50 years, we have been transparent with our stakeholders
Management systems based on environmental certification rules and standards are tools that help companies assess and certify their commitment to environmental sustainability topics.


HP Amplify Impact is HP’s programme dedicated to its partners to promote a significant change for People, the Planet, and Community, the three pillars of HP’s Sustainable Impact. As Elmec Informatica, we have reached the Changemaker status, which is the highest in the assessment rates.


EcoVadis manages the first interactive platform that allows companies to monitor their suppliers’ sustainability performance, covering 200 industries and 160 countries. EcoVadis has already been chosen by the main multinational companies around the world to assess their global database of suppliers from over 95 countries. As Elmec, we have obtained the SILVER medal.


Future Index Respect is Consumer Lab’s classification of those businesses that have been able to communicate their sustainability actions in a clear and involving way to consumers through their sustainability reports. As Elmec Informatica, we are at the 44th place out of all sustainability reports by Italian businesses.

We Feel The Importance of Contributing to Building A Sustainable IT

At Elmec, we think we are pioneering a journey in which digital transformation is as important as environmental sustainability.