A Responsive Business data center

Coccinelle SpA chose Elmec to innovate its IT infrastructure and to enhance and globalize its business

Nowadays, the internationalization and the adoption of new business models are important milestones to successfully compete in the retail sector, and to achieve them a technological and cultural transformation is necessary. For this reason, the Italian fashion brand has chosen Elmec to innovate its IT infrastructure, thus achieving greater flexibility and reliability.

Coccinelle SpA is an Italian fashion brand, focused on leather goods and in general on the production of bags and accessories in the accessible luxury segment. Founded in Sala Baganza (near Parma) in 1978 by the Mazzieri family. In 2012 the Company was acquired by the Korean E-land fund. The Brand counts about 200 employees and over 100 flagship stores all over the word. Each product made by Coccinelle SpA is a hand-crafted product that is constantly updated year after year, made with the utmost care and high quality materials.

The Challenge

In recent years the company has undergone a major internationalization process with a greater focus in the retail sector and, in particular, towards a new multi-channel and cross-channel business model starring digital and in particular international B2C e-commerce.

Business Case Coccinelle Elmec Informatica

We have gone from being the small business that had the small retail store to the big business that makes no difference between the physical and the digital and virtual channel.

Ginetto Morini, Facility Technology and Safety Director of Coccinelle SpA.

Therefore, the challenge for the Coccinelle SpA team was to lead the company in this digital transformation and to adapt the technological infrastructure to the new business needs in order to increase flexibility and security.

The Solution

  • On-Premise data center (Hypervisor-Storage admin-Event notification)
  • Tape Vaulting AS400
  • Remote Data Security
  • Disaster Recovery (Restore up to 5VM, RDS environment and AS400 environment)
  • Managed Network Services and WAN

Roberto Scaccaglia, Data center tier 4 Elmec per Coccinelle SpA

Through Elmec we found a partner capable of giving us the scalability, reliability and above all the necessary expertise otherwise impossible internally than by doubling the staff or dedicating it all to technologies.

Roberto Scaccaglia, Technology and Facility Manager of Coccinelle SpA.

After a first phase of analysis, Elmec has built two data centers in two different buildings located at the company's headquarters in Parma and managed entirely by Elmec technicians. The entire network infrastructure has been redesigned to ensure the systems are operational in 24x7x365 mode.

“Having two symmetrical buildings and two replicated data centers, allows us to operate on the IT infrastructure and beyond, without any interruption of service to the entire company”, says Scaccaglia.

The company has entrusted the managed services provider with the remote backup of all the systems hosted in the Elmec data center, in the province of Varese. This solution implements a Disaster Recovery plan in the event of extraordinary conditions at the company's premises, such as fires, serious breakdowns or natural disasters.

The possibility to react in a short time on the infrastructure and to have on hand the skills of Elmec technicians has allowed the company to obtain a level of scalability and flexibility such as to respond with agile solutions to all the technological needs that may emerge in a competitive and constantly evolving field such as the retail one.

Benefits Achieved

  • Service Coverage 24x7x365
  • Highly Performing Infrastructure
  • Ultimate scalability and flexibility on the resources at work
  • Business Continuity

Opting for a partner such as Elmec for Managed Infrastructure Service gave Coccinelle SpA the opportunity to outsource the management of the IT infrastructure while maintaining its control over. This has led to a natural rise in efficiency and an important transformation: IT has focused on managing a service rather than a product, achieving real scalability and better management of costs that shift from fixed to variable.

Finally, Elmec guarantees constant monitoring of both the infrastructure and the network with advanced monitoring systems, which offer the company a level of reliability otherwise unattainable if not with heavy investments in resources and technologies.

The Company's IT can thus focus on strategic growth and business by outsourcing to Elmec all the relevant operations to ensure the efficiency of all the systems.