Amazon Web Services (AWS)

From migration to service governance, we are your partner for AWS

Innovating infrastructure and modernizing it, speeding up business time, and growing up globally are some of the main reasons why businesses today choose to migrate to public clouds like AWS. Migration is one of the most delicate moments in cloud adoption, and it’s crucial to be guided as best as possible. Once this process is over, are you aware of the operations that remain under your responsibility as a business?

Choose Elmec as your partner for migrating to AWS and your subsequent governance!

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Choose to migrate to Amazon Web Services with AWS Consulting Partner Elmec

Why Should You Choose AWS and Elmec?

Amazon Web Services

Whether you are a small or large business, AWS can answer your business needs thanks to a large catalog of services varying from traditional infrastructure components (computers, databases, storage, networks) to the most modern and innovative (machine learning, blockchain, IoT and containers). This is why AWS cloud, named as a cloud leader in Gartner’s Infrastructure and Platform Services Magic Quadrant for 10 consecutive years, has been chosen by 50% of the global market.

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Elmec, AWS Consulting Partner

Elmec is a service provider that have been leading companies towards digitalization for 50 years. We are able to support you in migrating to AWS, but we also know that your cloud journey continues after migration as well. Managing a cloud means having new internal knowledge, new tools and a new way of thinking. That’s why relying on a partner like us can help you in this journey to innovation. We can manage all your traditional cloud infrastructure, but also your cloud security.

The Exclusive Services We Can Offer You

Safe Cloud Migration

Thanks to a qualified team we assess your infrastructure for cloud migration. We follow you through adoption process in complete safety by using a Cloud Adoption Framework and architecture best practices to design and perform AWS-recognized workloads on the cloud; all this reduces uncertainty and costs.

Always on support

Once this service has been activated, if you have any problems, our certified experts, through DevOps and Agile innovative methodologies, are ready to answer you wherever you are and at any time thanks to 24/7 support.

Transparency and Governance

Thanks to our MyElmec portal you’ll have no surprises while managing your cloud. As a matter of fact, from MyElmec you can monitor all your services in real time and check how much you’re consuming with Metering service, and you’ll be able to optimize your infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services

Speed up your time to market without worrying about costs

With cloud, you’ll have a sea of advantages.
By choosing to take your business to cloud, you’ll be able to:

Speed up your time to market

Thanks to a scalable infrastructure you’ll optimize your infrastructure decisions and become smarter and more flexible as to release time, gaining competitive advantages for your business.

Internationalize your business

Thanks to the cloud’s original structure, you can easily replicate your infrastructure regardless of where it is located in the world.

Increase Your Innovation

Free your employees from daily repetitive operations and let them focus on finding innovative solutions for your business by using the innovative tools AWs platform provides you.

Get a flexible pricing

We’ll help you choose the best pricing option for your applications and based on your use. You’ll be free to choose between a pay-as-you-go model and a fixed-price model.