AS400 IBM Power I Elmec informatica

AS400 / IBM Power System

Bring your IBM AS/400/i Power to the data center of the Future.

Migrating core applications hosted on legacy AS400 / IBM Power System is a delicate but essential process to increase performance for your users. Rely on a certified infrastructure manned 24 hours a day by our technicians.

AS400 IBM Power I Elmec informatica

AS400 / IBM Power System

Bring into the future your IBM AS/400/i Power.

Is migration of core applications hosted on AS400 / IBM Power System a complex process? Rely on a certified and manned infrastructure 24 hours a day.

What does it mean for you to choose a solution on AS400 platforms with us?

Secure your business applications on the AS40 platform

For over 30 years, we have been developing specific skills on the AS400 platform with 50 technicians and system analysts specialized in this technology that has made the history of Italian computer science.

Managed services based on the Elmec AS400 platform, enable you to secure your business critical applications, in a structure designed to ensure continuity of service.

Enjoy the necessary resources and adapt them over time according to your needs, with the guarantee of a transparent and non-invasive service

Get a Hybrid Cloud solution by leveraging your expertise to integrate your centralized AS applications into a Cloud-ready and/or Hybrid architecture

Answer business needs with scalable systems and dynamic infrastructures

Maximize costs without affecting the expansion of your systems<

Choose to migrate with Elmec's easy and competitive services

You are facing an application migration and don't know how long it will take, but you still need to have access to your historical data?
Elmec's services ensure:


The necessary flexibility during a period of transformation.


The transition from the condition of "critical system" to that of "sole-consultation" with the methods and times compatible with business needs.

For end-to-end management of your AS400 / IBM Power System

Rely on more than 200 specialized technicians working in our Data Center.

AS400 IBM Power I hybrid con data center Elmec

Our Services:

  • Creation or migration of virtual systems (LPAR)
  • Installing and updating the IBM i and AIX operating systems
  • Administration and maintenance of the IBM I and AIX operating
  • System security management
  • Administration and Monitoring 24x7x365
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance 24x7x365
  • IT Management Service in compliance with ITIL
  • Management of Changes, Incidents and Problems
  • Capacity management (assigned resources, trend analysis, flexibility)
  • Performance Monitoring and Adaptation
  • Backup and Data Recovery
  • Disaster recovery plan (preparation, reserved resources, periodic tests)
  • High Availability Architectural Solutions
  • Advanced network configurations

Improve your performance with constantly updated technologies while maintaining standard costs


The infrastructure we use to deliver services is constantly updated with technological innovation and enables customers to benefit from enterprise-class performance.

Technological refresh

We support 200 logical partitions, 25,000 users and provide access to the latest technologies, such as all-flash storage that gives DB-intensive applications exceptional execution times, both in standard and on-demand modes.


Thanks to the skills developed in our operation centres we have activated for you 24/7 services characterized by very high levels of availability.

Ongoing process improvement

The life cycle of your systems is followed by the same specialists who designed your solution and implemented HA's architectures. This allows us a process of continuous improvement of your service.

With IBM Power 9 you get up to 1.5 times better performance than its precursor.

*IBM®, Power Series®, AS/400 are registered marks by International Business Machines Corporation, USA.